Gifting ArtRage, Order Problems, Extra Downloads and More

Gifting ArtRage purchase orders

We see a lot of new customers over Christmas and this means that it can take longer for us to answer support queries, so this post answers the most common questions to help you get started faster with your new painting program.

Can I Gift Artrage?

Yes! You can gift ArtRage to someone very easily. Either choose the ‘gift’ option when checking out to send them the download email automatically, or purchase a copy under your own details and then give the recipient the serial number and a way to download the program. For example, you can forward the download link, copy the install file to a USB drive, or simply tell them to register the serial number at members.artrage.com.

ArtRage is not registered automatically to the purchaser, only to the person who registers it in the member area. Desktop licences allow users to download both macOS and Windows versions.

If you would like to gift the iOS or Android app then use the gift options in the relevant app store.

Can I Upgrade During the Sale?

Yes, absolutely! Register your current desktop serial number at members.artrage.com to access your upgrade discount. It will be applied to the current price in the store for an even better bargain.

My Serial Number Did Not Arrive

If you purchased ArtRage from us and the serial number and download email did not arrive, then it may have:

  • Been sent to spam
  • Been sent to your Paypal email if you paid with Paypal
  • Been sent as two separate emails for Windows and macOS. The serial number is always in the Windows email.

If you cannot find your purchase anywhere, email us at [email protected] with your order number or the email you ordered with and we will look up your serial number for you.

If you downloaded ArtRage free with a Wacom tablet then we do not have access to your serial number. You should be able to find your serial number by logging into your Wacom account and looking under ‘My Library’.

I Need To Download ArtRage Again

If you need a new download for ArtRage you can access unlimited downloads by registering your serial number at members.artrage.com. Reload the page after entering your serial number.

If you need a new download for an iPad or Android tablet then you can download the app through the app store where you originally purchased it.

Can I Use ArtRage on Both My Computers?

Yes, you can install ArtRage on any of your personal devices as needed. You can also mix and match Windows and macOS versions using the same licence. We do not believe in limiting your creativity or your installs!

ArtRage Isn’t Recognising My Wacom Tablet

If you just installed ArtRage and the tablet works but you cannot draw, then this is usually a drivers issue. Changing the settings recommended on this page will usually fix any problems.

If your question was not answered, please browse our support section or contact us directly at [email protected].