ArtRage ‘Change of Seasons’ Sale

ArtRage is on sale for a limited time! ArtRage 5, ArtRage Lite, and product upgrades are 30% off.

ArtRage Sale

Winter has arrived down here in New Zealand, so that means summer is coming in the northern hemisphere, and with the change of seasons ArtRage has gone on sale! Whether you want to hide away from the cold indoors, or capture the warmth and beauty of a summer’s day, you can pick up ArtRage at a discount and get painting as the weather turns! ArtRage 5 and ArtRage Lite are both 30% off, and if you own a previous version your upgrade discount applies to the sale price so you get even more savings!

Buy ArtRage 5 for $54.90 (down from $79) from our store: Click Here…

Buy ArtRage Lite for $19.90 (down from $29) from our store: Click Here…

Upgrade to ArtRage 5 from an older or Lite version: Click here for instructions…


ArtRage 5

Normally US$79. Now US$54.90

Our most powerful program offers a full range of professional digital art tools and all of ArtRage’s amazing natural media. It is faster and more stable than any previous edition and offers everything from thick paint and canvas textures to custom brushes and perspective layouts. If you want all the features and know your way around creating art, go for this version. We always recommend trying the demo if you want to play before paying:

ArtRage 5 is normally available at a significant discount when upgrading from an older edition or from ArtRage Lite. Upgrade discounts are still valid and will be applied automatically to the sale price. To get your discount, register your current desktop serial number at or go to the Upgrades page to learn more.

ON SALE $79 $54.90US


ArtRage Lite

Normally US$29.90. Now US$19.90

If you are looking for something cheap for a child, or just want to try a fun painting program without having to pay too much, then ArtRage Lite is a fantastically cheap way to start using our awesome natural media tools without paying extra for advanced options you may not need. It includes a 30% discount off ArtRage 5 that you can use with us if you decide you need the more powerful program later. ArtRage Lite also comes free with the Wacom Intuos Draw tablets, and these copies are eligible for the upgrade discount.

ON SALE $29.90 $19.90US


ArtRage for iOS

Natural Painting Tools
Realistic Drawing Tools
Easy To Use

The iOS app let you paint on your phone or ipad using ArtRage’s unique natural media tools, along with all the important drawing features like references, layers, tracing images, and blend modes. You can also record scripts as you paint and play them back later in a desktop version of ArtRage to recreate your painting.

The iOS app supports the Apple Pencil and 3D Touch for natural feeling drawing on iPad and iPhone, as well as a range of bluetooth styluses.

BUY NOW – $4.90US


ArtRage for Android

Paint upon your Android phone or tablet. ArtRage for Android includes fifteen different art tools, including highly realistic watercolors, oils, pencil, pens, crayon, chalk, palette knife and airbrush tools. The Android app fully supports the S Pen.

BUY NOW – $4.90US

We also have a very simple oil painting app for Android and the free app is now even more free. If you want to play with ArtRage before buying the app, try the free version from the Play Store.