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A Guide to ArtRage Bundled Software Products & Editions

ArtRage comes along with the purchase of a number of devices, such as Wacom tablets, ASUS tablet PCs, Adesso Cybertablets and Sony VAIO laptops. All of these devices are fully compatible with ArtRage. Some of these software bundles have been discontinued, but may still be available on Amazon or from third-party retailers, either as old stock or as a second-hand purchase.

This guide is designed to assist whether you are looking to buy a tablet with ArtRage has bundled software, or need advice on how to use ArtRage once you have bought it.

Important Disclaimers

There are a few extremely important conditions that you should be aware of as you read through this guide. We have tried to be as accurate and helpful as possible, but because we do not supply bundled software directly, there are a number of unavoidable restrictions on our advice.

  • This guide is intended as an overview, not a complete list of models
  • We do not always know which specific device the retailer bundles ArtRage with as it may change. The operating system, model and availability are often at the discretion of the supplier.
  • ArtRage may come pre-installed, on a CD-ROM, or as an online download.
  • Software downloads may be region specific.
  • The bundled version of ArtRage may not be the latest version of that edition with all patches, bug fixes and features, but can be updated on our website.
  • We cannot help with second hand or refurbished models that may not have an active ArtRage serial number

We have no control over how ArtRage is packaged, so it is best to find out whether ArtRage is included, and what the device specifications are, directly from the retailer when purchasing.

We have no control over any additional bundled software that may or may not be included. We cannot help you register or troubleshoot this software.

Overview & IssuesProduct List

Editions Available As Bundled Software

Most bundled software will be almost exclusively ArtRage 2 or ArtRage 3 (Studio). ArtRage 3 (Studio Pro) is occasionally available with some of the higher end Wacom tablets.

ArtRage 4 is not bundled with any devices and is only available exclusively from our website, or from Steam. You are eligible to use any bundled editions of ArtRage to upgrade to ArtRage 4 at a 50% discount.

If you need help finding your serial number, making sure you actually received ArtRage or accessing downloads, then either contact the retailer that you purchased from, the company that creates the product, or our support. We have a range of FAQs that should help you get started, but we cannot help with missing purchases or problems with other companies’ websites.

Serial Numbers

We do not have direct access to any purchases made through third parties. If you lose your serial number without registering it in our member area then we have no way of finding out what it was. Please either save it somewhere or register it with us.

We can offer advice on how to locate your serial number for the first time, but we may not know if the company has changed the way they distribute the serial number. See How to find your ArtRage serial number.

Any copies of ArtRage that you purchase as part of a bundle (either on CD-ROM or as a software download) can be registered in our members area. This will allow you to download the latest version (highly recommended) and to access upgrade discounts to the latest edition.

Bundled Software may be out of date!

This is mostly an issue with software saved on a CD, but any preinstalled software, or downloads from another company, may be affected. We highly recommend registering your serial number and downloading the latest version from the member area (this is free and always an option).

You do not have to install ArtRage first. The member area downloads will both update and install ArtRage, depending on whether it exists on your system already, so you might as well go straight to the latest version.

You may not have any issues with older software but you may be missing out on new features and important bug fixes. If you are using Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9) or Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) and have bought a copy of ArtRage 3 (Studio or Studio Pro) then you must make sure you have 3.5.11 or later, as you will experience cursor delays that make it almost impossible to draw in out of date versions. Mavericks was brought out in late 2013, long after we stopped selling ArtRage 3 and we had to bring out a new patch especially for this OS.

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ArtRage comes bundled on products from the following companies:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of models, and each company may change its ranges and bundles at any time.

Graphics Tablets

Touchscreen devices

Product Bundles

Wacom Graphics Tablets

  • ArtRage 2, Studio or Studio Pro, Lite
  • Graphics tablet
  • CD or software download
  • Various models

Bundled Editions

  • ArtRage Lite comes with the Wacom Intuos Draw graphics tablet. See this page for help downloading and registering your software
  • Older Bamboo tablets, such as the Bamboo Fun, come with ArtRage 2 on a CD . This is mostly old stock that is still floating around, but the software is still entirely legitimate.
  • The more recent Intuos, Bamboo Splash and Bamboo Pen & Touch models will usually be bundled with ArtRage Studio.
  • Some higher end Intuos tablets may come with ArtRage Studio Pro.

Installing ArtRage

Wacom has recently switched to offering software downloads instead of CDs.

There will be a software download key provided with your purchase and this can be registered at www.wacom.com. This will unlock your ArtRage download (and any other bundled software) and allow you to access your serial in your online Wacom account. You can then register this with us, and download ArtRage from either us or from Wacom.

IMPORTANT: Whether you get ArtRage with your purchase, and whether it comes on a CD or as a software download, is region specific. US and Europe Wacom tablet purchases may be completely different.

Chinese and Japanese Language Versions

While the normal editions of ArtRage can be switched between several language interfaces, we had separate Japanese and Chinese editions for ArtRage 2 and a separate Chinese edition for ArtRage 3. These also support English, but do not have German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese or any other languages.

If you purchased one of these from a third party and require a multilingual version, contact us directly for assistance. You can see the complete list of supported languages in ArtRage here (note: each edition is slightly different).

The single language editions are:

  • ArtRage 2 Japanese Edition: This version was sold in Japan with Wacom tablets and supports Japanese and English interfaces and manuals.
  • ArtRage 2 Wacom China Edition: This version was developed for China and was bundled with Wacom tablets. It supports Simplified Chinese interface.
  • ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro Wacom China Editions: Separate versions were created for China that support English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

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Adesso Cybertablets

  • ArtRage 2.6
  • Graphics tablet
  • CD
  • Various models (discontinued)

ArtRage 2 comes bundled with the Adesso Cybertablets on an accompanying CD. Tablet models include: Adesso CyberTablet Z8, Adesso CyberTablet W10, Adesso CyberTablet Z12 and Adesso CyberTablet M14.

The serial number should be printed either around the central bottom area of the CD sleeve or the installation CD and will be 20 digits long.

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Sony Duo Laptops

  • ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro
  • Windows 8
  • Laptop
  • Preinstalled
  • Various models (discontinued)

Laptops in the Sony Duo touchscreen range may come preinstalled with ArtRage 3 (Studio and Studio Pro). You may have a choice to opt out of additional software during your purchase, and this will include ArtRage.

Models that may come with the option of ArtRage include: Sony VAIO Tap 20, Sony VAIO Duo 11, Sony VAIO L24, Sony VAIO E14P, Sony VAIO T13, & Sony VAIO Duo 13. Sony has discontinued these models so they may only be available in some stores as leftover stock.

Sony Serial Numbers

Warning: Windows 8.1 updates may overwrite your ArtRage installation, wiping the serial number from the memory. If you purchase a Sony laptop, please make a note of the serial number immediately. It can be found by going to: Help > Change Serial Number in ArtRage

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ASUS EEE Slate EP121

  • ArtRage 3 Studio
  • Tablet PC
  • Windows 7
  • Preinstalled
  • Various models

The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 touchscreen tablet PCs may come pre-installed with ArtRage 3 (Studio).

Find your serial number by going to Help > Change Serial Number in ArtRage

Help > Change Serial Number in ArtRage

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Microsoft Surface Pro

In 2005, a variant of the original free edition of ArtRage was bundled with the original Surface Pro under the name “Ink Art”, as part of Microsoft’s Experience Pack for the Tablet PC.

This bundle has been discontinued and is no longer available, although you can still download the Microsoft Experience Pack for free from Microsoft directly.

Help > Change Serial Number in ArtRage

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Promethean Interactive Whiteboards

Promethean Planet, an educator community, distributes a free version of ArtRage 2.5 for classroom use on Promethean’s range of interactive whiteboards.

Help > Change Serial Number in ArtRage

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