ArtRage Course on Digital Tutors

‘Introduction To ArtRage’ Course by Victor Osaka at Digital-Tutors.com

A new ArtRage tutorial series is now available at Digital Tutors. "Introduction to ArtRage" is an introductory series aimed at CG artists, rather than general painters (although it should be useful to anyone). The course contains 16 videos, each about 5-15min long, and the entire series is about two hours long and covers the basics of setting up ArtRage 4.5, and creating using the various tools and settings.

The course was developed by Victor Osaka, a long time ArtRage user and professional artist, and an official instructor at Digital Tutorials.

Digital Tutors is a subscription based digital art website that offers a wide range of drawing, painting, 3D, CAD, video, game and webdesign tutorials for over 50 different software programs. This is the first ArtRage course available there, so we wanted to point it out for anyone who might be a member, or who might be looking for good ArtRage tutorials.

You can sign up for a free demo account which gives you access a limited selection of preselected courses (including the first video in each ArtRage series), or sign up for monthly or yearly access to all the videos.

Check out "Introduction to ArtRage" here!

If you are looking for free ArtRage tutorials, we recommend browsing our online user guide, checking out the Tutorials section for links to some awesome tutorials on the web, and visiting the forums.