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ArtRage Safely Reclaimed (April Fools)!

ArtRage Will Definitely Not Become “MouseDraw” and We Think That’s A Stupid Name Anyway

iNK Pen Mouse artrage april fools
Have you seen this mouse? Do not give her a job.
We would like to sincerely apologise to the ArtRage community for any confusion that may have been caused over the last 24 hours. We hadn’t even noticed – someone walked into the office on Saturday morning (1st April – New Zealand time) and found a mouse bouncing on the keyboard and giggling to itself, so we had a look round and noticed that our website had been changed and this announcement had been posted.

Needless to say, all the mice have been fired, and we shall be relying on native New Zealand geckoes from now on, as we continue to develop and support ArtRage for human artists for a long, long time.

If You Saw These Changes on the Homepage, Ignore Them Because Mice Have No Artistic Taste

fullscreen mousedraw artrage april fools header mice
They didn’t even get the release rights to use Tycho’s image
mice april fools homepage
Unauthorised changes were made to the front page