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Evening Classes & Short Courses with ArtRage

ArtRage is very popular for iPad-based Digital Art Courses

ArtRage for iOS is heavily used in art classes for hobbyists, adult learners and school holiday programs. It’s much easier to use real media software than it is to buy and manage traditional media, and means that everyone will be using the same level of equipment.

ArtRage is a less intimidating introduction to painting digitally, as it features familiar real media tools and language. most people pick up ArtRage very easily, allowing the artist leading the course to move on from technical features to artistic skills quickly. Mobile devices also allow much more flexible teaching sessions, including field trips and comfortable seating.

The real media aspect of ArtRage means that most traditional painting lessons can be used with little or no modification. Wet or dry paint, thinners, thickness, the different properties of pencil, crayon or watercolour, impasto techniques with oil paints – all these show up in ArtRage.

Digital art is also more forgiving for beginners, and more flexible for professionals. There is no wasted media or canvas, no need to learn how to scan the work, and features like Layers and Undo make mistakes easy to fix.

Users can usually provide their own tablet devices and buy the apps themselves. Our mobile apps for iPad and Android are only US$4.99 each, much cheaper than a full set of painting tools and canvas!

More advanced classes can also investigate ArtRage Vitae for Windows and Mac OSX, and explore the flexibility of our mobile-desktop integration. For example, students can work on their sketches in class, then take home their work and finish editing it on the much more powerful desktop edition. Our scripts feature allows them to record and playback their drawings at print-size resolutions with no loss of quality, and they can easily export their saved paintings directly to the computer.

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