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While we have a lot of reviews out there (and you can see a lot of them on individual product pages and the Reviews section), this page focuses on reviews, testimonials and discussions of ArtRage being used specifically for educational purposes. Some have been sent in directly to us, others are unsolicited quotes from around the web (we’re always interested in feedback, so if you’d like to add your own comment here, just drop us an email).

Paul Kercal is a digital art teacher from the UK and the quote below comes from our artist interview with them.

I LOVE using ArtRage in my teaching… I’m lucky enough to be able to mix College classes with external classes in theatres and galleries and the like. And that can be teaching anyone from 4 year olds to 90 year olds. And ArtRage is wonderful to sit and explain. For the most part it’s a hugely intuitive interface. That the icons look like the tools they link to and the effects are like the tools themselves makes it so easy for an app newcomer to understand… But the depth of the app is so amazing, I wish I could teach a years worth of content, I probably still wouldn’t reach the depths ArtRage offers.

Paul Kercal

Tommy Zai is an ESOL teacher in China teaching at risk teenagers.

I am a certified ESL teacher and licensed counselor using creative lesson planning to teach English and life-skills to “at risk” teenagers. I am currently working in an underdeveloped area of China helping troubled youths use the English Language to express their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a healthy manner — often using creative means such as art, poetry, and music. Our lesson plans are filled with multimedia elements. The use of visual aids provide students with a topic for discussion. They identify shapes, colors, moods, etc.

I pride myself on being a creative person — a creative teacher; yet, I’m not an artist. The illustrations in my lesson plans were a bit embarrassing. I needed something beyond stick figures. Most of the available painting applications were too difficult to learn and use. I dreamt of using something powerful with a user-friendly workflow, and my dream became a reality with ArtRage.

I now work along side students to create colorful, exciting visuals. I especially like the natural and fun way the application behaves. For example, you can squeeze-out and spread big blobs of paint over your canvas with a palette knife and make a creative mess . . . or in the right hands, make a masterpiece. 😉

Favorite Features

  • Clean, stylish interface.
  • Fantastic workflow and creative environment.
  • Flexible and Powerful.
  • Practical tools and functions.
  • Fun to use.
  • Excellent canvas presets.
  • Fast
  • Great price.
  • Responsive developer.


ArtRage is the painting software I always dreamt of, and now I have and use it. I highly recommend this fine application to any non-artist, beginner, or advanced artist who is looking for an affordable, yet powerful and fun application to create digital paintings. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive, bloated alternatives and weak freeware/shareware options. Thank you, Ambient Design, for creating such an amazing digital painting package. Thanks to you, our classroom is filled with colorful fun and excitement!

Tommy Zai

Jenny Oakley is a teacher at a UK school for 5-17 year olds and the quote below comes from an interview with iPadCreative

I have found creating artwork on the iPad very successful with pupils. It provides a safe, structured environment in which to experiment and develop their skills, confidence and creativity and takes away the fear of the ‘blank page’.

The ‘undo’ feature is very significant as it allows endless experimentation and thus improvement. I have found that the skills and creativity developed on the iPad do transfer over to traditional materials – pupils have more confidence and are more willing to try.

The increased expectation of success enables them to create a more skilful piece of work. This further boosts their confidence and encourages them to try harder again and so their artwork continues to improve.

Jenny Oakley

Joseph Anthony Connor is one of our Featured Artists and offers various mobile art workshops for all ages.

I have tried all the available digital painting packages. I know their benefits and malfits for any style of painting. Artrage is the best that is currently available. It has the greatest range of tools available to both novice and professional artist. Importantly it’s user interface is the best. Well done and thank you.

I started out simply teaching my daughter how to paint and now I am a professional artist and it is true to say that without Artrage’s feature and interface design this would not have happened. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to paint like one would with wet media. I do both, but now 95% of my time is spent on Artrage. Most recently I was invited to show 150 iPad owners how they could paint like a master (John Constable) at the V&A in London. I did this using Artrage. It will be my tool of choice in all future Mass Draws and TV appearances, such as for Weatherman Walking.

Joseph Anthony Connor

Damaso Armijo Pradenas is a regular ArtRage artist and beta tester, whose work can be viewed in our member area.

‘To me, a teacher, instructor, the “grid” is a very powerful resource in many ways:

It allows students to have baselines to establish comparative dimensions. It allows them to center or decenter texts using AR as a tool for teaching materials. The “Grid” is not static. Is manageable for each of us, we can change it even in color.

Para mí, que soy docente, instructor, la “Grilla” (Grid) es un recurso muy potente en muchos sentidos:

Permite a los estudiantes contar con líneas de referencia para establecer dimensiones comparativas. Permite centrar, o descentrar textos al utilizar AR como herramienta de material didáctico. La “Grilla” (Grid), no es estática. Es manejable por cada uno de nosotros, podemos modificarla incluso en el color.’

Damaso Armijo Pradenas

Quote from the Ecclesfield School, a secondary school in Sheffield, England.

ArtRage is a fantastic creative art app that we would advise any student with an Ipad to invest in.

If you love painting, then an iPad is the perfect medium for unleashing your creative spirit. The ArtRage app is an amazing little chunk of software that has all the tools you’ll need to produce exquisite works of art, all without getting a drop of paint on your fingers.

Open up the program and you’re transported into a virtual artist’s studio, with an array of oils and watercolours at your disposal and, of course, an unlimited supply of (virtual) blank canvas on which to dabble with your brushes.

Ecclesfield School Art Department

Kate Broom, a Course Director from Birmingham City University School of Art, talked about using ArtRage in an interview with the makers of the Activboard (an interactive whiteboard)

As with most software, the students just started off experimenting with the features and the different options it presented. I then found that they reached a point where the experimenting finished and they would then divide off down two paths; either using it as a graphics package or as a sketch book process, helping them to learn prior to starting to paint for real.

When you think about it, there is the financial aspect of practicing to learn to paint with the cost of materials, paper etc, none of which you have with a piece of software. The software actually supported their learning of ‘how to paint’ and their application of paint to a surface, without any of the normal associated wastage.

Kate Broom

A review from Appo Learning, an educational app review site.

We love ArtRage because from the second you see the porous blank canvas and tap open the tray of implements, it just makes you want to jump in and start doodling. With tools that run from crayons and pastels to air brushes and markers along with traditional brushes, the creative possibilities are endless. We are particularly impressed with the way the app creates the illusion of texture with palette knives.

It introduces aspiring digital artists to the various tools and textures they can play with while having advanced capabilities and desktop version for more depth. The app relies on an intuitive interface so time can be spent learning to create art, not just learning how to use an app.

Whether a kid likes to doodle, paint or even make street art, the vast and inviting selection of features will keep them creating for as long as their imaginations can keep up.

Appo Learning

Comment on the article Using Art in the ESL Classroom.

I’ve used Artrage on Tablet PCs with secondary students a lot, and it really motivates them. Most commonly, I’ve asked them to complete a piece of writing (limerick or haiku works very well) and once they have finished it they can make an illustration using the art software. We then display both the writing and the illustration in a class wiki, or on the wall of the classroom. Of course, this could also be done with paper and art materials, but given that our students are such ‘digital natives’, use of the computer software, plus all of the extra artistic effects it offers, is an important part of the equation”.
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