ArtRage Text

The Text Tool allows you to create editable areas of text on your Canvas. These areas can be moved, scaled, and rotated freely and still edited. For more information see the section on the Text Tool. This section explains how to use the text system while you are editing.

Working With Text – Text Edit Mode

To create a new text item select the Text Tool and click on the Canvas. If you have clicked a blank area of the Canvas a new text layer is created and a blinking caret appears showing where text will be entered.

If you click on text that is already on the Canvas that text becomes editable, no new layer is created.

While the caret is visible you are in text editing mode. To exit this mode and accept the changes you have made either press the Enter key on your numeric keypad, or if you do not have one select a different tool or click anywhere other than on the Canvas. If you wish to cancel your edit, press Escape on your keyboard and your text will be reverted to its original form. While editing text you can also use the Undo and Redo buttons on the ArtRage Menu to undo or redo the last edit.


While you are editing text you can select characters to apply specific formats to. Click and drag over the characters you wish to select, or hold down the Shift key and use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to navigate to the end of the area you wish to select.

If you make changes in the Text Settings Panel while text is selected, the selected text will be changed.

Remember that Text Layers cannot be painted on, a new layer will be created if you try to paint on one.

When you type text the current color is used for each character. Clicking in the Color Picker will not turn off text editing mode so you can still use it to change colors as you type.

Text supports metallic color too! Turn the metallic value up and the texture of your Canvas will make the surface of the text reflect in metallic fashion.

If you copy characters from another application you can paste them in to your current text item using the Paste shortcut key while you are in text edit mode.

Manipulating Text

If you are not in text edit mode, you can edit a piece of text by selecting its layer and clicking it with the Transform Tool. This creates a transformation outline you can use to edit the position, scale, and rotation of the text. For more information see Transformations.

If you are currently editing text you can transform it by clicking and dragging on the Canvas.

  1. Move: Click and drag outside the area of the currently editable text to move it.
  2. Scale: Hold down Option (Mac OS X) / Alt (Windows) and click and drag outside the area of the currently editable text to scale it.
  3. Rotate: Hold down Cmd (Mac OS X) / Ctrl (Windows) and click and drag outside the area of the currently editable text to rotate it.