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ArtRage 4 Paint tool

How to Paint with ArtRage

How to Paint with ArtRage. So you have started ArtRage and you have a blank canvas on the screen - What do you do now? Fortunately it’s so easy to get started painting that the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to paint. This is what we call a ‘happy problem’! This section explains the basic features of ArtRage including the three most important ones: How to choose a tool and color, how to paint a stroke, and how to ...
ArtRage 4 interface

The ArtRage Interface

Learning about the ArtRage Interface. This section explains where you can find the tools and options you will need while painting, what the various types of control in the products are and how they work, and how to change the layout of your workspace. Discover the ArtRage Window, Pods, and Panels. Learn about the painting canvas and it's resource picker, etc.
New painting file menu

Working with ArtRage Files

Working with ArtRage files. Paintings you create in ArtRage store a lot more information than normal image files, including how much paint there is on the Canvas and how wet it is. This means that ArtRage uses a special file format to ensure that this information isn’t lost when you save your work. This section of the manual explains how to create ArtRage files, how to save them and how to reload them, print them, and export them in a format ...

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar The Menu Bar sits at the top of the ArtRage window and contains useful items that relate to the running of the application. In this panel you will find useful items like Undo and Redo, zoom level control for the Canvas, the Canvas Positioner, window options and the Quit button for the application.On Windows the Menu Bar also contains all the application menus. On Mac OS X the operating system menu bar contains the application menus in their normal place.The Menu PodContents of the ...

Tools and Presets

Tools and Presets On the left side of the ArtRage window are controls for your painting tools. These include the Tool Picker for selecting tools, the Settings Pod for adjusting the settings associated with your current tool, and the Presets Pod for selecting presets for the current tool. This section tells you everything you need to know about working with tools, and includes a detailed list of all of the settings and properties of the tools included in the application.PodsThe Tool PickerTo select a tool, click its icon ...
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