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Blend paint texture and color with interactive natural media tools or the many modes of the palette knife.

The Palette Knife is the main blending tool in ArtRage. Choose from different shapes and adjust a variety of settings to get different blending patterns and effects. The Palette Knife is a natural media tool and will push thick paint around and react to canvas texture. Each Palette Knife mode is different, and will scrape or push or soften paint differently.

You can also use interactive painting tools to blend existing color or create a custom blender with the Custom Brush.

flat 2 palette knife blending artrage 5'
Knife: Flat

Swipe paint with a Flat blade to smooth or create impasto effects.

edge palette knife blending artrage 5'
Knife: Edge

Turn the flat blade sideways for sharp edged strokes.

soft2 palette knife blending artrage 5'
Knife: Soft

Smear and warp paint with a V or U shaped knife.

blur palette knife blending artrage 5'
Knife: Blur

Soften and blur paint smoothly (or use the Blur filter to blur the entire layer at once).

wet palette knife blending artrage 5'
Knife: Wet

Experiment with the different settings for the Wet mode to get a wide range of soft and sharp blending patterns.

thinners blending oil brush artrage 5
Dry Oil Brush

Setting the Oil Brush loading to 0% creates a dry brush that can scrub away at paint on the canvas.

white blending felt pen artrage 5
White Felt Pen

Turning Art Pen off and choosing a white color turns the Felt Pen into a blending marker that mixes with, and washes away, paint.

thinners blending watercolor brush artrage 5
Watercolor Thinners

Increasing the thinners to 100% and Color Bleed to 0% creates a nearly pure water stroke that will blend existing paint into a wash as it passes through. The Watercolor brush will pick up pigment and blend more smoothly the longer the stroke continues.

custom brush blending artrage 5'
Custom Brush Blenders

Editing the color properties of the Custom Brushes allows them to be used as customizable blenders.