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Natural Media Painting & Drawing Tools

ArtRage is primarily a natural media painting program and offers a range of realistic tools based on real world traditional media, but also offers powerful customizable digital brushes. These tools don’t just look like their real world inspirations, they act like them too. Watercolors wash away with water, oils build up thick textures strokes, pencils softly shade, felt pens blend, and they all respond to the underlying canvas texture.

Every tool comes with a range of settings that let you adjust the brush shape, paint thickness, and other familiar properties to get your favorite variants. After you’ve added color to the canvas, you can blend paint texture and color with interactive natural media tools or the many modes of the palette knife.

If you are looking for customizable digital brushes, see Customizable Brush Tools: Custom Brush and Sticker Spray.

Realistic painting tools

Just start painting with real world techniques straight away using your favorite natural media.

artrage 5 oils portrait Phil Galloway

Paint with realistic oils using the Oil Brush, Paint Roller, Palette Knife and Paint Tube tools.

Watercolor study artrage 5

Recreate watercolor techniques with highly controllable watercolors that react to water and paper texture.

airbrush parrot fish noise filter artrage 5

Spray smooth strokes across the canvas with the Airbrush for subtle tinting and controlled opacity.

Many ways to work with oils

We know that oil painters use a lot of different ways to add paint to the canvas, so you can build up texture or spread paint out evenly with more than just a simple brush.

oil brush stipple dry brush artrage 5
Adaptable Brush Settings

Adjust the brush to get thick paint or dry stippling.

palette knife oil paint loading artrage 5
Palette Knife

Add oil paint to each stroke of the Flat and Edge palette knives.

paint roller oils artrage 5
Paint Roller

Roll wide strokes of paint across the canvas for blocky abstract textures or fast even coverage.

paint tube oils thick paint smear artrage 5
Paint Tube

Squeeze out thick dollops of paint ready to mix and spread around your canvas.

Starry Night van gogh artrage glitter tube artrage 5
Glitter Tube

Sprinkle dots, squares and circles around to add thick, smearable, texture or multicolor sprays.

Realistic Sketching and Fine Inking

Color, shade, sketch, and blend, with realistic natural media pencils, felt pen, and pastels, or practice inking fine lines and calligraphy with the felt pen marker or the ink pen.

horse pencil sketch artrage 5

Sketch and shade with perfect graphite pencils, or smooth lines.

manga felt pen copic marker artrage 5
Felt Pen

Ink and color with blendable art markers.

pastel cat artrage 5 ramona macdonald
Wax Pastels

Work with pastels that blend as you build up layers of color.

charcoal chalk rose artrage 5

Use the Pastel tool in Chalk mode for dry charcoal effects.

calligraphy ink pen artrage 5
Ink Pen

Smoothly ink lines with the perfect stroke.

Gloop pen portrait sketch artrage 5
Gloop Pen

Use the Gloop Pen for traditional inking and watercolor effects or as an alternative Airbrush.