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Layer_Groups ArtRage 5 quick start guide

Layer Organization

Organizing Your Layers in ArtRage Layers are a powerful tool that can allow you to quickly make changes to your painting without damaging paint above or below, but understanding them can be difficult. This section explains what layers are and how to add, remove, and organize, them.What are Layers? Layers are like sheets of transparent paper that can be stacked on top of each other and painted on. As many of these sheets can be stacked on top of each other as you like, and you can ...


ArtRage Stencils Stencils are used to create precise shapes or lines on your Canvas. They work just like a piece of plastic or wood placed on the Canvas, allowing you to paint over them without the paint applying to the Canvas beneath, or draw around them to make outlines.Stencil Modes Stencils come in three different types which have different properties on your Canvas: Stencil, Ruler, and Guide. Stencils you place on the Canvas can be switched between these modes whenever you like.Stencil TransparencyLike real world stencils, ArtRage stencils ...


ArtRage Stickers Stickers are individual images that can be peeled off a sheet and stuck to your Canvas, or sprayed on to the Canvas using the Sticker Spray tool. Stickers can be anything from objects such as sparkly gold stars, pebbles, and leaves to artistic effect stickers that simulate painting styles. This section shows you how to use stickers in your painting and how to create new ones.Sticker PropertiesStickers can contain more than just color information. Each sticker can have its own texture and even its own reflectivity, ...

Paint Symmetry

ArtRage Paint Symmetry The Paint Symmetry system automatically creates mirrored strokes on the canvas as you paint, and allows control over properties such as how many mirrors are created and the center point of symmetry. Paint Symmetry can be activated and controlled from the Paint Symmetry menu in the Tools Menu. When Symmetry is turned on any stroke you make on the canvas will be mirrored in other positions based on the settings you have selected. There are two important settings that define how this works:Number of Segments: This ...
digital oil sunset

Oil Brush

The Oil Brush ToolThe oil paint is probably the tool that ArtRage is best known for, and it's the first tool most users try when they open the program. It’s definitely one of the most fun painting tools in the program, and according to almost every review we’ve read, we have the most realistic oil paints in any of the digital art program on the market.General Tips:The default ArtRage canvas is well suited to just jumping in with the oils, ...
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