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ArtRage for iPad Files

ArtRage for iPad File Handling - A guide to saving your paintings, using the gallery, scripts and export and import options. The Gallery in ArtRage contains all of your Painting Files. When you save a painting, it is saved in to a group in the Gallery and to load it again all you need to do is return there using the Main Menu and select the painting to load. Learn how to best manage your files, import/export different file formats, and ...

How To Increase Painting Sizes for Printing

Scaling Up Your Mobile ArtRage Artworks For Print The ArtRage mobile editions have a capped maximum file size due to the limited memory on mobile devices, so if you want to print at a larger size from your iPad or Android paintings, you'll need to either resize it, or play a script back at a larger size.Capped canvas sizes: Android and iPad users can create canvases up to 2048 x 2048 pixels, and iPad Pro 11" users can create canvases up ...

Script Files

Script Files Script Files are a way to record and play back the process of creating a painting so that it can be played back later to reconstruct the painting from a clear canvas, stroke by stroke. Script files are easy to share with other users and can also record annotations, allowing you to make notes while you paint to display during playback for the easy creation of tutorials. Because Script Files record the process of making each stroke rather than the result they can be played back ...