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Advanced Scripting Guide

Download the ArtRage Script Programmer’s Guide [PDF]

The Script Programmer’s Guide is a reference document for programmers who want to write scripts using the ArtRage Scripting Language. The guide assumes a basic knowledge of programming, using variables, declaring and calling functions.

ArtRage Scripts are text files that store data in a human readable format. This allows you to edit the contents of the Script directly and change its properties, or create entirely new scripts from scratch using the ArtRage Scripting Language.

ArtRage Script Language

ArtRage Script Language uses XML, C and unformatted language. It is designed to be human readable and small enough to access speedily during playback. Scripts can be edited directly or written from scratch and can include any action or property that can be recorded normally while painting, as well as additional mathematical and string operators, and special functions.

Main properties:

  • XML Standard: Uses blocks defined with statements, but the contents of the blocks may not be legal XML.
  • C based syntax
  • C++ functions for string and file variable types
  • Additional dynamic strings and dynamic arrays
  • Scripts recorded while painting mainly use short-hand commands to improve reading and writing speed.