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What Are Scripts?

ArtRage scripts are recordings that can be played back in the desktop editions of ArtRage. Scripts allow you to record an entire painting process and play it back later, or create simple recorded actions. ArtRage allows script recording or playback in most editions for desktop and mobile.

A script records every action taken by the program and plays it back exactly to recreate a painting. Scripts are not video files and are only usable by ArtRage, but can be edited by text editors. Scripts can be shared like normal files. They can also be included in ArtRage package files.

They are mainly used to allow mobile (iPad and Android) paintings to be recreated step by step in the desktop editions, or for playing back a painting process for easier screen recording, but they can be very powerful if you are interested in experimenting.

Scripts use a subset of C language, and should be easy to code for if you have any programming knowledge. The programmer’s manual explains the supported functions, variables, and other code related stuff. You can also find additional tips in the Scripting Support forum and in this online guide.

Uses for Scripts

  • Playing back a painting process as a live demonstration or for easier screen recording.

  • Transferring art across devices (e.g. iPad to desktop. A script file can also be compressed to a smaller size than the original painting)

  • Creating shareable tutorials for other ArtRage users that can be played back with onscreen tips inside ArtRage.

  • Creating a template for setting up a canvas.

  • Scaling paintings. ArtRage 4 and 5 allow scripts to be played back at any size, which is a better way to adjust size without losing quality.

  • As an extra backup file for a painting.

  • As insurance or experimentation, as you can stop the script at any point.

  • Editing the script directly to generate alternative results or a customized playback.

  • Edit or code scripts to create automated actions and effects (for example, batch exporting, automated pattern creation). See the Script Downloads page for examples.

  • Converting stroke data into 3D input.

Script Features in Different Editions

The mobile apps can record scripts, the basic desktop programs can play scripts, and the full editions can record and play scripts with additional options.

EditionScript RecordingPlaybackAdvanced Recording ControlsAdvanced Playback Controls
ArtRage 5YesYesYesYes
ArtRage LiteNoYesNoNo
ArtRage 4YesYesYesYes
ArtRage 3 Studio ProYesYesYesYes
ArtRage 3 StudioNoYesNoNo
ArtRage for iPadYesNoNoNo
ArtRage for AndroidYesNoNoNo


Online video tutorials for scripts can be found in our official YouTube playlist.

The Scripting Language for ArtRage is not covered in detail in this manual, but full details can be found in the ArtRage Scripting Guide.