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Troubleshooting Common Script Problems

Simple recorded painting scripts are usually quite reliable, especially in the latest edition, but you may run into issues during playback.

This guide covers scripts recorded normally in ArtRage. We cannot offer in depth support for custom scripts, but we recommend reading the Programmer’s Guide or posting in the Scripting Support forums if you are having trouble.

The issues you are most likely to encounter are:

Unrecorded actions.

If you paused the script, then changed tools or layers before starting the script up again, all actions going forward will be using the wrong tool or layer and may look dramatically different. This can sometimes be fixed manually by inserting or deleting sections from the script, but only if you know exactly where it went wrong.

Texture loss when scaling.

ArtRage’s tools and canvas textures have a maximum height, so the larger the image becomes, the less visible the texture is.

Random Variation.

Some of ArtRage’s natural media tools include random variation in every stroke to increase the realistic look, and this means that strokes may look slightly different when a script is played back. This should only affect a few tools, like the Oil Brush, and is generally minor.


Low pressure strokes do not always play back correctly.

Can’t Resize

If you started the script with Include Current Painting ticked, the included painting is saved into the script and cannot be repainted. This means that the script cannot be resized during playback. You only need to tick this option if you already have a partial image and need to record everything going forward.

Incompatible Edition

Sometimes you cannot play scripts from newer editions of ArtRage back in older editions, because they contain unsupported features. Sometimes you can play back scripts in different editions, but they will play out slightly differently. Try using a different edition to test the script.

Incomplete Script

This is rare, but if your device ran out of memory while recording, the script may not be complete. This usually only happens on mobile devices with very little available memory.

Crashes or Bugs

If you have a problem that does not appear to be covered above, we will need to investigate, so send the script file to [email protected] with information about what you did and at what point the problem shows up during playback (sometimes scripts can be very long – if you are able to create a very short demo script, that will be extremely helpful).

Please compress script files before sending (create a new zipped folder and add the script file to it), as sometimes they can be very large files.

Scripts are very complicated, so there are many possible combinations of actions and a small problem can cause the entire script to fail, but we improve script support on an ongoing basis and user examples are invaluable. Most script problems are simply issues with the software playback, so the actual script will work properly after we have fixed the problem.