ArtRage for iPhone version history

ArtRage for iPhone App Incremental Update History

This app has been discontinued and replaced by a universal version of the full iPad app.

ArtRage for iPhone provides 8 painting and drawing tools with a set of variant types for a range of painted effects. The ArtRage painting simulation is still in there, letting you spread and blend thick oils, or bring out canvas textures with shading pencils, and the interface has been designed for quick and convenient operation on a handheld device. ArtRage for iPhone lets you share your paintings with other versions of the application, via the iTunes file sharing system or by email.


ArtRage for iPhone discontinued 16th August, 2017, replaced by version 2.2.0 of the iPad app which is now a universal iOS app.


ArtRage for iPhone 1.1
Released 26th January, 2014
    • Updated for iOS 8 and larger phone screen resolutions.
    • Fixed a bug that caused rendering artefacts on the iPhone 6 Plus – Paintings were being created properly but displayed with white bands.


ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.4
Released 13th July, 2013
  • Fixed a problem that could cause paintings to be created at 1/2 screen resolution on Retina devices.
nn ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.3
Released 10th July, 2013
  • Added support for iPhone 5 screen resolution.


ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.2
Released 21st June, 2012
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    • Added properly upscaled tool icons for the tool pod on Retina Display devices.
    • Improved the reliability of 3 finger tap to show/hide the toolbar.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause paintings to fail to generate a thumbnail preview in the gallery if they are too large (eg. Retina display paintings displayed on a non Retina iPhone).
    • Fixed a problem that could cause the Merge buttons when editing layers to update incorrectly after deleting or moving layers.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented emails with Painting files attached correctly opening the Painting in ArtRage when tapped.
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nn ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.1 n
Released 5th January, 2012
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    • Fixed a crash bug that would happen on iOS4 when returning to the gallery. You should now be able to manage your files properly. This was due to an unsupported feature relating to gallery rename gestures.
    • Replaced the non-working loaded palette knife preset. Please note that you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it to see this change made, as the presets use files that the installer may not clean up. Before doing this, please back up your files.
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ArtRage for iPhone 1.0 Released. 9th December, 2011