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Download Custom Brush Presets for ArtRage 5

presets custom brushes artrage 5ArtRage 5 comes with a wide variety of brushes and blenders for all kinds of effects, from oil brushes to screentones, but you may want to add to your collection. Below you can find download links for extra brushes for textures, inks and brush effects from various artists!

Note: These brushes are created by ArtRage artists, but are not officially affiliated with Ambient Design and ArtRage.com unless noted. Some of these links will be to other websites, some are free and some are paid.

Want to learn to make your own custom brushes? See the Custom Brush page to learn how to use the Bush Designer!

HilltopView Clumpy Wool Custom Brush Sav Scatola
The Clump Wool brush is very good at painting wool!

Clumpy Wool

This preset was made by Sav Scatola for the Clump Wool Custom Brush tutorial and can be downloaded for free.

Sav Scatola (a.k.a Boxy) created many of the custom brush presets in ArtRage 5 (the rest were created by ArtRage staff). He sells custom texture brushes on his website at www.boxy.co.uk.

Texture Pack 1 (20 Presets) Bark, Cracks, Impasto & Impressionist brushes, Leather, Rocks, Stones, Tarmac

sav scatola artrage 5 texture pack 1 a custom brushes
Sav Scatola’s Texture Pack 1: Bark, Cracks, Impasto, Impressionist, Leather,
sav scatola artrage 5 texture pack 1b custom brushes
Sav Scatola’s Texture Pack 1: Rocks, Stone, Tarmac, Twigs

Texture Pack 2 (30 Presets) Flecks, Moss & Lichen, Paper Grains, Rocky Grunge.

sav scatola artrage 5 texture pack 2ab custom brushes
Sav Scatola’s Texture Pack 2: Flecks, Moss, Lichen
sav scatola artrage 5 texture pack 2b custom brushes
Sav Scatola’s Texture Pack 2: Paper Grains
sav scatola artrage 5 texture pack 2c custom brushes
Sav Scatola’s Texture Pack 2: Lichen + Rocky Grunge Brushes

LDFA paints still lifes and portraits, specialising in realism and traditional oil techniques. They offer a brush pack on Gumroad (requires a donation). The brushes include texturing brushes, blenders, and oil effect brushes.

This video demonstrates the different brushes available.

Wolfgang Schweizer (SchweizerArts) offers these packs for free on DeviantART:

Texture (6 Presets) by Wolfgang Schweizer

wschweizer texture presets 2
Texture presets by Wolfgang Schweizer

Ink (6 Presets each) by Wolfgang Schweizer

wschweizer ink presets
Ink Presets Part 1
wschweizer ink presets 2
Ink Presets Part 2
wschweizer ink presets 3
Ink Presets Part 3
wschweizer ink presets 4
Ink Presets Part 4
wschweizer bristle presets 1
9 Bristle Brush Presets
wschweizer bristle inking custom brushes artrage 5
5 Bristle and Inking Brush Presets

Nick Harris Tutorial Brush Pack

nick harris imaginefx custom brushes artrage 5
Custom Brushes for ImagineFX 148 by Nick Harris

Nick Harris created a grass, foliage and textures brush pack for his tutorial in ImagineFX issue 148. You can download the package file from the ImagineFX resources page here.

JM’s Experimental Designs

jm experimental designs custom brushes artrage 5
18 assorted atmospheric and textural brushes from Jeremy Morris