Installing ArtRage

ArtRage Manual – Getting Started

Welcome to ArtRage

In this manual you will find instructions for installing and unlocking your copy of ArtRage, a ‘How To Paint With ArtRage’ guide to get you started and teach you the basics of the product, and a full reference covering all the features of the product in detail.

If you want to learn more about the product, share paintings and tips, or find additional tutorials you can visit the ArtRage Forums.

Thank you for purchasing ArtRage, we hope you have a great time painting!

– The ArtRage Team.

Installing ArtRage

Whether you have downloaded ArtRage or received it on CD you should have an Installer File that can be used to install the product on your computer.

If you have any problems installing ArtRage with these instructions please visit the ArtRage Support Page to request support. You may find that an instant solution to your problem can be found on that page.

For Mac OS X Users:

The ArtRage installation file is a Disk Image file (‘dmg’). Double click the file and a folder will appear containing the ArtRage Application and an Applications Folder shortcut.

Drag the ‘ArtRage 5’ application from the folder to the Applications icon to install it. Once the ArtRage application is in your Applications folder the software is ready to run.

For Windows Users:

This ArtRage installer file is a Windows Installer executable (‘exe’) file so when you double click it your operating system’s Windows Installer will open and present installation options for the product.

Follow the instructions in the installer to install the product. Once the installer has finished installing you can find ArtRage in your Start Menu.

Unlocking ArtRage

Before you can use ArtRage you will need to unlock it using your Serial Number. Your Serial Number is a 25 digit number that you should have received when you purchased the product.

If you purchased ArtRage from us online your Serial Number will be in the email that contains your product download link. If you received ArtRage on CD you will need to check the CD cover or the contents of the box it came in.

When you start ArtRage for the first time you will be presented with the Unlock Panel. If you follow the instructions on this panel, enter your Serial Number then click OK the product should be unlocked.

If you enter your Serial Number and it does not work please check the number you are entering carefully to make sure there are no mistakes. If you received the number in an email you can copy it from the email and paste it in to the panel using the button provided. If that still does not work please use the ArtRage Support Page to request support.

Registering Artrage Online

When you have successfully entered your Serial Number you will be asked if you want to register your copy of ArtRage in the Member Area.

Please Note: You only need to register your copy of ArtRage once! If you have already registered this version, you can just cancel the Register prompt.

Registering your product allows you to download the installer again in the future if you need it, and allows you to recover your Serial Number if you lose it. Product updates are only available to users who have registered their product.

If you are not connected to the internet when you are prompted to register, or if you want to register later you can do so using the ‘Register ArtRage Online’ option in the Help Menu.


ArtRage is available in different languages. When you start the application it attempts to identify the language of your operating system and adapt to it automatically if it is supported.

If you find that ArtRage is not showing the correct language you can use the ‘Select Language’ option in the ArtRage Help Menu to select the language you want to use. By default ‘Auto Detect Language’ is active, this is the option that makes ArtRage find the language using your operating system settings.

Learning to Use ArtRage

For help using the program, go to Help > ArtRage Manuals to find a PDF guide to the features. For more detailed tutorials, see the pages on the right, or the tutorials section.

First time users should start with these pages:

How To Start Using ArtRage Lite

Getting Support for ArtRage

If you have any problems with ArtRage you can get technical support from the ArtRage Support Page. You can also use the ‘ArtRage Support’ option in the ArtRage Help Menu.

If you contact us for technical support please make sure to include clear details of what the problem is, when it occurred, and any error messages you saw. You should also include the operating system you are using and the exact version of ArtRage. This will help us provide answers rapidly.

You may also find that your question has already been answered. When you use the Support Page you will be provided with a set of answers that may be appropriate for your situation. Please read these carefully as they may provide an immediate solution.

You can also get support on the ArtRage Forums.

ArtRage Forums

The ArtRage Forums are the home of the ArtRage user community. If you register for the forums you can join in discussion about the software and art in general, get tips and tricks for the product and upload your artwork for comment.

Getting Tutorials

The forums are a great place to go if you are looking for tutorials. The Tips and Tricks forum is filled with helpful advice and users are happy to provide assistance if you need it.

You can also find tutorials on the ArtRage Website Tutorials