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Plan your composition and control your strokes

For layout and composition, the Grids, Guides, Symmetry, Stencils, and Perspective features let you plan, measure, mask, and draw neatly.

Feature Guides

grid lion artrage

Add a grid over your canvas and reference image to help you measure proportions, or use the ‘Snap to’ feature to draw neat borders and shape.

mona lisa pencil guides artrage 5

Add horizontal and vertical guidelines freehand or at specific points on the canvas.

perspective artrage 5

Create complicated layouts in one and two point perspective.

stencils hair manga girl masking artrage 5

Add custom or default stencils to mask the canvas, add textures, and guide your strokes.

sketch manga symmetry tutorial artrage 5

Mirrored and rotational symmetry makes it easy to draw symmetrically or create mandalas and repeating patterns.

How To’s (Tips and Tricks)