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Script Editing

Editing or Coding Custom ScriptsScript Files ArtRage scripts are simple Unicode UTF16 text files which can be edited using Notepad, Notepad+++, TextEdit, or any similar program. For ArtRage to be able to read the script file, the file extension must be ‘.arscript’. You can manually rename the extension if you accidentally saved a script file as something else while editing. When saving a new file, make sure to save the type as ‘Unicode’ or ‘Unicode UTF-16’.Refer to the Script Programmer's Guide for ...

Script Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Script ProblemsSimple recorded painting scripts are usually quite reliable, especially in the latest edition, but you may run into issues during playback.This guide covers scripts recorded normally in ArtRage. We cannot offer in depth support for custom scripts, but we recommend reading the Programmer's Guide or posting in the Scripting Support forums if you are having trouble.The issues you are most likely to encounter are:Unrecorded actions. If you paused the script, then changed tools or layers before ...
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Custom Script Downloads

Download Custom Scripts These Script files were created by ArtRage programmers and forum users, shared in the forums for anyone to use. They add special effects or quick editing actions to existing ArtRage paintings.Downloads Note: ArtRage 5 and Lite users should update to version 5.0.5 to play all scripts correctly.How to UseSave the download for your edition to your computer. These downloads are ArtRage Package Files (.arpack). They will automatically install the downloaded resources into your Documents folder when opened with ArtRage. ...


What Are Scripts? ArtRage scripts are instructions that can be played back in the desktop editions of ArtRage. Scripts allow you to record an entire painting process and play it back later, or create simple recorded actions. ArtRage allows script recording or playback in most editions for desktop and mobile.A script records every action taken by the program and plays it back exactly as recorded to recreate a painting. Scripts are not video files and are only usable by ArtRage, but ...
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Layers & Layer Editing

Edit Layers & Apply EffectsArtRage makes working with layers easy. Rearrange, group, export, and rename individual layers, and use professional digital editing options to get the results you need. Working With Layers Layer LocksLock transparency, paint and position to easily repaint, edit, or protect layers. OpacityAdjust layer opacity or hide them entirely as you work.Learn more about layers in ArtRage.Layer Blend Modes and Effects ArtRage 5 includes a full range of industry standard blend modes, from Multiply to Screen. Use layer locks to lock transparency ...
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