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Using Gradient Presets

While the Gradient Fill comes with a large selection of presets, you can also create your own custom gradients or import them from other users.

To Load Presets:

Select the Fill Tool. Click on the central tab of Fill Tool Settings to access gradient options. You can open the gradient editor by clicking on the colored bar, or load existing presets from your computer or the Collections.

Once you have loaded a preset, you can edit it in the Gradient Editor.

Note: If you need more help with the Gradient Fill see the manual.

Default Presets

(These are the same in ArtRage 4 and ArtRage 5) ArtRage 4 Gradient Fill Collection by ArtRageTeam on DeviantArt

Metallic Effect Preset

final shield boss and rivets metallic ArtRage 5 tutorial by Boxy Sav Scatola

Full Tutorial: Making A Shield Boss with Sav Scatola

Sav Scatola created a custom Gradient for his tutorial on creating metallic effects in ArtRage 5. Download the Gradient Fill preset now!