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ArtRage Reviews

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Quotes from External Sites

Some quotes from users of our latest desktop edition of ArtRage, a digital art program for both Windows and Mac OSX. Interested in our other editions? Check out the links at the end!
‘Beginner and advanced artists will appreciate the straightforward user interface and the unobtrusive tool and color palettes.’
‘If you’re the creative type and like to draw using the computer, ArtRage 4 is an exceptional tool. The level of control you find is unmatched by many other programs and is easy to implement.’
‘ArtRage presents an impressive range of practical tools, functions, and options that make for a rich, hassle-free creative environment.’ 4.5 Stars
‘Don’t think for a moment, though, that its relatively low price tag or its simple interface make it a candidate for only the amateur artist – this application has plenty of tricks up its sleeve for the more advanced as well.’
‘ArtRage gives the user, whether a budding amateur or more seasoned artist, a workable environment in which to develop their creativity…’ 4 Stars
‘ArtRage [is] a useful, professional level tool that’s made for beginners and pros (what’s the difference between oil paints and brushes for neophytes vs. the experienced painter?).’
‘If you are an artist, or interested in the arts, ArtRage 4 is a program designed for you.’
‘Overall, It’s an impressive app for business travelers who are either looking for an innovative way to conduct business presentations or to others who simply want to get their creative juices flowing.’
‘Easy to recommend ArtRage, the latest improvements make it more flexible and powerful.’ 4.5 Stars
‘An entertaining app for anyone with a hankering for natural media but not the mess it leaves behind.’ 4.5 Stars
‘ArtRage is designed for artists and non-artists who like to draw and paint. If you are skilled in a particular discipline, you will find that ArtRage is easy and fun right from the outset. If you consider yourself a doodler, this app just might improve your drawing abilities and you’ll find yourself having hours of fun.’ 4.5 Stars
‘It’s quite impressive that such a powerful tool runs so well and on that aspect alone it can be recommended for more modest artists that want to try something new, without having to sacrifice performance for it. ’
‘Coming in at under $50, this painting package is very reasonably priced and has an easy to use interface that isn’t nearly as intimidating as a lot of drawing programs have a reputation for.’
‘ArtRage is without a shadow of a doubt the best sketching app on Android and iOS and everyone, from the professional doodler to the graphic designer will find that this app suits their designing needs. ’
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