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ArtRage 4 & 4.5 Features: Tutorials from Abba Studios

Art Video Tutorials Showing Exclusive ArtRage 4 Features From Abba Studios

abba studios artrage 4.5 video tutorials Abba Studios has created a collection of short videos focusing on specific technical features that are found in ArtRage 4 and 4.5, but not any of the previous editions. Many of these features are easy to overlook, and will be appreciated by advanced users.

If you are interested in learning about Gradient and Pattern Fill, stylus properties, Layer locks, Transform options, the Toolbox and Workbench, Symmetry, Grids, cloner tool, and other things, check out the videos below! They run 2-10 minutes long (most are 5-7 minutes), and you don’t need to watch them in any particular order, so you can skip to the feature that interests you.

Disclaimer: These tutorials are unaffiliated with Ambient Design, other than the fact that they use our program. We sharing them because we think they’re useful.

List of Videos
ArtRage 4 and 4.5
  1. Toolbox
  2. Workbench
  3. Gradient Fills
  4. Pattern Fills
  5. Cloner Tool
  6. Scraps, Noise and Views
  7. Layer Transformations, Layer Locks and Store Backup Files
  8. Symmetry
  9. Stylus Properties and Recognition Tutorial
  10. Interface

ArtRage 4.5 Only
  1. Grids
  2. Live Pencil Tilt
  3. Interface & Toolbox

ArtRage 4 and ArtRage 4.5 Features


The toolbox is essentially a collection of saved shortcuts to chosen colours, tool presets, layers, stencils and stickers. It is easy to add new settings to and can be allow you to avoid having any other pods or menus open.

You can read about the Workbench and the Toolbox in the online manual here: Toolbox and Workbench.


The Workbench gives you a minimalist view within ArtRage by pressing enter, while still having all your tools accessible.

You can read about the Workbench and the Toolbox in the online manual here: Toolbox and Workbench.

Gradient Fills

Gradient fills can be found in the settings many of the Fill Tool, and allow you to create your own gradient backgrounds.

Learn more about the gradients in the ArtRage 4 manual: Gradients.

Pattern Fills

Pattern fills also available under the Fill Tool, and allow you to use existing patterns, or import your own images to create repeating background fills.

The Pattern Fill is discussed in the manual: Tools and Presets.

Cloner Tool

The cloner to has a completely new tool to ArtRage 4, and allows you to clone (duplicate) areas of paint.

The Cloner Tool is covered in the manual: Tools and Presets.

Scraps, Noise and Views

This video covers three different features.

  • Scraps are small extra scrap windows that allow you sketch, test strokes and mix paint on a single layer canvas.
  • Views are live updating windows that let you zoom in or out of the main canvas while you work.
  • The Noise filter is a filter that adds a noise effect to your canvas.

Scraps and Views are covered in Tracing and References, and you can learn more about the filters available in ArtRage in ArtRage Image Adjustment / Filters

Layer Transformations, Layer Locks and Store Backup Files

This video covers three very different features that were added to ArtRage 4.

  • Two new Transform options were added in ArtRage 4; Perspective and Non-Uniform (Along with the existing Linear).
  • Layer Locks now allow you to lock transparency, position and paint.
  • An automated backup save feature which allows you to keep a history of up to 26 “insurance” files of previous saves.

Transformations are covered in the online manual in Transformation System. The backup saves are covered in Preferences, and Layer Locks are mentioned in Layers.


Symmetry allows you to draw single strokes that are repeated around 2 to 12 axes, to create mirrored effects and patterns.

The symmetry feature is covered in the manual here: Paint Symmetry.

Stylus Properties and Recognition Tutorial

ArtRage 4 supports Wacom’s Stylus ID system, so it can track every unique stylus that you use with the program, and create specific profiles for them. You can also change stylus properties as you draw.

Learn more about the Stylus options: Stylus Controls.


ArtRage 4 offers a minimal and intuitive interface, with easily accessible menus and other options. The various pods can be moved around, hidden, and even rotated.

Learn more about the ArtRage interface: The ArtRage Interface.

ArtRage 4.5 Only

ArtRage 4.5 was released in August 2014, and was a pretty major update to ArtRage 4. It’s a free update for existing owners, and adds super fast 64-bit support, Grids, live tilt, some improvements to custom resource menus, and a few other things.

Unfortunately, ArtRage 4.5 does not support Windows XP, so some of these videos will not apply to you. We have kept ArtRage 4 available as a download for XP users who register their serial in the member area.


Grids are one of the big new features that were added in 4.5. The grid feature allows you to add a customisable grid overlay to your canvas and reference images. You can use it as a drawing guide, or turn on the ‘Snap to Grid’ feature to have it straighten out your strokes.

Learn more about Grids in ArtRage in our online manuals section.

Live Pencil Tilt

Live pencil tilt is one of those fun little features that makes a huge difference to the realism of your drawing experience. It simply means that when you tilt your stylus sideways, the pencil marks on the canvas will also act as if you are tilting the pencil.

Note: Not all graphics tablets support tilt.

Interface & Toolbox

We made a few improvements to the custom presets, toolbox and workbench in 4.5. You can now duplicate and drag resources to make organising them a lot easier.

Learn more about the ArtRage 4 Interface, Workbench and Toolbox.

Learn More

You can find Abba Studios on YouTube, on Blogspot and abbadabba.com.

For more help with using ArtRage, check out the ArtRage Manual or the list of community tutorials. And don’t forget to check the FAQ section!

You can also drop by our Artrage Forums, or Contact our Tech Support directly.

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