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artrage 5 interface quick start guide

ArtRage 5 Quick Start Guide

This guide is included in your copy of ArtRage 5 under Help > ArtRage Manual.How to Paint in ArtRage: Select a tool on the left, select a color on the right, then click and drag in the central canvas area to paint. How to Save your Painting: Select Save Painting in the File Menu at the top to save a painting file. How to Export your Painting: Select 'Export Image As' in the File menu ...
remove color matte filter hand sketch 5

Remove Color Matte

Use 'Remove Color Matte' to Delete Color From A Layer Remove Color Matte is an editable filter in ArtRage 5. This feature lets you quickly remove a color completely from a layer. It's very good for cleaning up poor quality scans of pencil sketches or converting black and white images into transparent line art.Go to Edit > Filters > Remove Color Matte to use it.Remove Color Matte automatically selects white from a layer and deletes it. It works in a similar way ...
artrage 5 warp


Using Warp in ArtRage 5 to Distort and Transform Paint ArtRage 5 introduces Warp, which lets you smear, swirl, and otherwise distort your painting. It is similar to Photoshop's Liquify filter, but specifically designed to respect ArtRage's paint properties, so you won't lose texture or paint depth when distorting. This means that you can make an adjustment and then switch right back to the traditional media tools you were using before.Open Warp mode by going to Edit > Filters > WarpSettingsYou can ...
artrage 5 solid fill tool settings

Solid Fill Settings

Use Solid Fill to Fill Areas with a Single Color This page provides an overview of the Solid Fill ('paint bucket') tool, which will flood an area of canvas with a single solid color. Solid Fill is the default mode for the Fill tool, the other two modes are Gradient Fill and Pattern Fill. Border, Gap Tolerance and Slow Motion are all new features in ArtRage 5.Solid Fill Tool Settings Blend Mode: You can set a blend mode for the paint that is applied ...
color sampler 50 px. ajpg

Color Sampler

Use the Color Sampler to Select Colors From Your CanvasThe Color Sampler (found in the inside ring of the Tool Picker) lets you pick colors from the canvas. You can customise the Sampler options to get exactly the color results you need. Tip: You can hold ALT while clicking on the canvas or click directly on a Reference Image to pick a color without switching to the Sampler tool. Color selection will always use the current active settings for the tool. ...
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