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sticker spray scale artrage
The effects of different values on the Scale Property
ValuePositive ValuesNegative ValuesNotes
Base ValueSets default sticker spray size as % of default sticker sizeInverts size (-95% = 5%)Used to calculate all other settings if set (otherwise default sticker size will be used)
RandomSize will vary randomly by set %Varies from small to large instead of large to smallAffects all other size settings
SequenceSize will increase in repeating sequence. Each sticker will be X% bigger, until full size is reached, then the sequence will start over.Size will decrease by set % in repeating sequences based on Base or Default value.
Tracing HStroke size decreases along colour wheel from purple to yellowStroke size increases along colour wheel from yellow to purpleStroke size will increase or decrease based on tracing image colour properties
Tracing LDarker areas have smaller strokesDarker areas have larger strokes
Tracing SMore saturated (strongly coloured) areas will have larger strokesStroke size increases with ‘greyness’ (decreasing saturation)
Tracing AlphaSize decreases with decreased opacitySize decreases with increased opacityWill use alpha channel if present.
Pen PressureSize will vary with pressure based on % (sensitivity level) based on Base or default valueSize will get larger with less pressureRequired for pressure sensitive drawing
Pen RotationSize varies with pen tiltSize increases with opposite tiltTilt – only with supported styluses.
Stroke DirectionStickers get smaller going up or leftStickers get smaller going down or right% will set the highest maximum size.
X DistanceStickers get smaller to left of canvasStickers get smaller to right of canvasEffects can stack but setting all three to 100% will cancel out
Y DistanceStickers get smaller towards top of canvasStickers get smaller towards bottom of canvas
Centre DistanceStickers get smaller towards centre of canvasStickers get larger towards centre of canvas
Airbrush WheelLets you control size using the Airbrush wheel.Inverted size control using the Airbrush WheelOnly with supported styluses
Pen TwistLets you control size using Pen Twist.Inverted size control using Pen Twist.