The ArtOrder ArtRage Contest Winners

Announcing the Winners of The ArtOrder Colour & Texture Challenge

The ArtOrder Contest: ArtRage Colour and Texture

The ArtOrder Challenge is over and we are very pleased to announced the winners!

We are very impressed with the amazing, creative and powerful entries that we received for the Colour & Texture contest that we ran in partnership with The ArtOrder. Experienced ArtRage artists and creative newcomers alike created a stunningly colourful range of works. From glorious abstract hues to textures you wanted to run your fingers over, the art on display was memorable and magnificent.

While there weren’t an enormous number of entries, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts, and there were more than enough amazing entries to make judging very difficult. There were some absolutely standout entries, but we had to pick just three.

An enormous thank you to Jon Schindehette from “The ArtOrder” who took the time to run the contest, organise a jury, and generally do most of the hard work. And of course, many thanks for the various artists who stepped up to help judge the contest, and everyone that entered.

The Winners

The prizes were US$150, $100 and $50, respectively, along with an artist feature on this website, should they choose to participate.

First Place:

Still Life #1 by Ian Hinley

Ian Hinley‘s gorgeous still life was a clear winner. The rich colours and careful composition are splendid in their own right. But once you add in the element of texture, the smooth textures of pottery and metal, the hard edged sparkling crystal, softness of the fabric and the leather of the book all captured so believably that you can imagine running your fingertips around the edge of the wine glass, then you realise that you are looking at a masterpiece.

Not only did this artist create a stunning entry, but they took the time to record a video walkthrough of their process and first ArtRage encounter – all in the demo version of ArtRage 4. You can see more of Ian Hinley’s fantasy work, and learn about his experience with ArtRage in this interview.

Second Place: The Perversion by Todd Jaeger

The Perversion by Todd Jaeger

Every time I see this painting, I want to run my fingers over the engravings and pick up the coins to feel the rounded weight of solid metal in my hand. The balance between evocative realism and casual abstract is stunning, and the detail is entrancing. It’s rare that an image will have such a believable physical presence. The fact that this is in the demo version and therefore one of the artist’s first ArtRage attempts is even more impressive.

Read more about Todd Jaeger, a DC Comics production artist, in his artist feature.

Third Place: The Hour of Northern Lights by Odrija Adetu

The Hour of Northern Lights by Odrija Adetu

Another study in contrasting elements, this painting takes bold composition and a powerful creature and juxtaposes it with delicate, pretty colours. It’s lovely to look at, and difficult to forget.

All Colour & Texture Entries

You can view all the entries below, as well as at Infected By Art (the contest site).

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