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Edit Layers & Apply Effects

ArtRage makes working with layers easy. Rearrange, group, export, and rename individual layers, and use professional digital editing options to get the results you need.

Working With Layers

layer lock transparency ink pen glitter artrage 5
Layer Locks

Lock transparency, paint and position to easily repaint, edit, or protect layers.

layer opacity fish artrage 5

Adjust layer opacity or hide them entirely as you work.

Learn more about layers in ArtRage.

Layer Blend Modes and Effects

ArtRage 5 includes a full range of industry standard blend modes, from Multiply to Screen. Use layer locks to lock transparency and paint, and adjust texture effects with the Bump blend mode options. The layer effects allowing you to add glows, dropshadows, embossing and texture to paint.

Layer Blend Modes

Apply any Photoshop standard blend mode, or experiment with the ArtRage-specific Watercolor Blend Mode, to apply effects across layers.

bump blend modes artrage 5 layers texture
Bump Blend Modes

Edit the bump effects to stack, replace, or combine paint textures across layers.

layer effects artrage 5
Layer Effects

Nondestructive layer effects let you add drop shadows, cut outs, glows, embossing and emboss textures to paint.


color remove matte filter 1 artrage 5
Filters in ArtRage

ArtRage 5 includes built in filters for noise, blur, color editing, warp (liquefy) and cleaning up white backgrounds, and also supports some custom Photoshop filters.