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Ink Pen

Ink Pen (This page is from the ArtRage 4 manual) The Ink Pen is a precise, solid line pen that can be used for illustration or detailing without blending with other paint on your Canvas. The Ink Pen comes in round or chisel-tip forms and also allows you to automatically smooth your lines, removing some of the irregularities that can appear when using a mouse or stylus.The Ink Pen has the following features:Dryness: Inked lines dry immediately so they do not interact with other paint on your Canvas. ...
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AirbrushThe Airbrush allows you to spray a fine mist of paint. The spray coats the surface of the Canvas, tinting it without flattening any paint that was already there and without blending with any color beneath. The Airbrush has the following features:Dryness: The spray from this tool is thin and dries really quickly. This means that if you run the Palette Knife over it after spraying you won’t get smearing and blending, the paint on the Canvas will be smudged instead. Shape: The Airbrush provides control over ...
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Blending Paint

BlendingBlend paint texture and color with interactive natural media tools or the many modes of the palette knife.The Palette Knife is the main blending tool in ArtRage. Choose from different shapes and adjust a variety of settings to get different blending patterns and effects. The Palette Knife is a natural media tool and will push thick paint around and react to canvas texture. Each Palette Knife mode is different, and will scrape or push or soften paint differently.You can also use ...
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Palette Knife

Palette Knife The Palette Knife provides a blending and smearing tool that takes a number of different forms to produce a variety of effects. In its simplest form, the tool is a flat bladed knife that can be used to smear around paint that has been applied to the Canvas. If you want to soften the edge between two paint strokes or create an entirely new color using existing paint then the Palette Knife is the right tool to use.The Palette Knife does not apply paint to ...
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Watercolor Brush

Watercolor The Watercolor tool lets you paint with a variety of watercolor styles using a soft bristled brush on wet or dry paper. Because it is a wet medium the Watercolor tool is ideal for creating subtle, blended color washes and detail. The control you have over the amount of wetness of your brush and the Canvas beneath it lets you produce a wide variety of results.Features of the Watercolor tool include:Soft Blending: Strokes of watercolor merge as they get close and their wet edges touch. This ...
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