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Adjust Layer Colors

Color Adjustment
artrage 5 layer filter noise


Add NoiseThe following settings are available in the Add Noise Panel:Intensity: Controls how much noise is applied to the image. The higher the value, the more noise will be applied. Gaussian Falloff: If this option is turned on the noise generation system uses a Gaussian Falloff model, which changes the general smoothness of noise application. Monochrome: If this option is turned on the noise that is applied will be monochromatic, shifting between darker and lighter variants of the current paint color. If it is turned off the noise that ...
artrage 5 layer filter blur


BlurThe ‘Blur Radius’ slider adjusts how much blurring is applied. Click OK to apply the blur, or Cancel to close the panel and leave the canvas unchanged.See Blur being used in the following tutorials:

Bump Blend Modes

What are the Bump Blend Modes?ArtRage allows you to change the Bump Blend Mode as well as the Layer Blend Mode.ArtRage’s paint uses ‘bump’ channels to create depth, and you can use the bump blend modes to control how your layer textures interact. Different strokes have different paint depth and normally, painting over a thick oil stroke on another layer will not hide the texture of the paint and the brush marks will show through the colors above. Changing the Bump ...


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