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Palette Knife

Palette Knife The Palette Knife provides a blending and smearing tool that takes a number of different forms to produce a variety of effects. In its simplest form, the tool is a flat bladed knife that can be used to smear around paint that has been applied to the Canvas. If you want to soften the edge between two paint strokes or create an entirely new color using existing paint then the Palette Knife is the right tool to use.The Palette Knife does not apply paint to ...
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Watercolor Brush

Watercolor The Watercolor tool lets you paint with a variety of watercolor styles using a soft bristled brush on wet or dry paper. Because it is a wet medium the Watercolor tool is ideal for creating subtle, blended color washes and detail. The control you have over the amount of wetness of your brush and the Canvas beneath it lets you produce a wide variety of results.Features of the Watercolor tool include:Soft Blending: Strokes of watercolor merge as they get close and their wet edges touch. This ...
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Natural Media Tools

Natural Media Painting & Drawing Tools ArtRage is primarily a natural media painting program and offers a range of realistic tools based on real world traditional media, but also offers powerful customizable digital brushes. These tools don't just look like their real world inspirations, they act like them too. Watercolors wash away with water, oils build up thick textures strokes, pencils softly shade, felt pens blend, and they all respond to the underlying canvas texture.Every tool comes with a range of ...
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Customizable Brush Tools

ArtRage's Customizable Brushes: Custom Brush & Sticker SprayArtRage 5 offers two entirely different types of customizable brushes, the Sticker Spray and the Custom Brush. While you can create similar brushes in both tools, they have very different properties.Use the Custom Brush and the Sticker Spray to create any effect you need, whether for professional digital art or just for fun. You can work with the wide range of included presets, download new brushes from other users, or use our online manuals ...
ArtRage Blending Tutorial

Blend Modes

Blend Modes Blend Modes can be used to tell layers to interact with layers beneath them in different ways. Bump blend modes affect the bump (texture) results, and layer blend modes affect the colors of different layers.Layer Blend ModesBy setting Blend Modes you can make paint darken paint below, tint it, or otherwise adjust it. ArtRage provides a number of Blend Modes, including standard ones from Adobe Photoshop and some of its own. The default Blend Mode applied to each Layer is ‘Normal’, which means ...
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