Artist Credits

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Artist Credits

Who Painted That Picture?

ArtRage 5 Artwork banner small
From left: Phil Galloway, ArtRage Staff, Steve Goad, Ramona MacDonald, ArtRage Staff

Curious about who created a particular piece of art on our site? We share a lot of amazing work on the website, and you can find some of the main artists below!

A lot of the art through the site is either created by ArtRage staff or is from the featured artist section and will link directly back to that artist’s feature, but there are a few illustrations that might appear as banners and illustrations throughout the site, or in articles on other websites without obvious credits. We wanted to make sure there was at least one place that clearly credited the artist.

ArtRage for iOS

There are multiple artists featured on the ArtRage for iOS website and app store pages, as we wanted to showcase a selection of different artists from our Featured Artists. Art used was created by Donna Coburn, Gary Nay, Helene Goldberg, Bo Paweena, Kepa Lucas, Alex Bearne, Scott Waters.

Steve Goad

Steve Goad paints fantastical realism and sweeping landscapes and works heavily with digital effects and brushes. He created the home page and splash art for ArtRage 5. Check out his featured artist page and his website: stevegoadart.com

Stuever Racing by Steve GoadMan of Steel by Steve GoadThe Canyon by Steve Goad ArtRage 5 1ArtRage 5 Creative Landscape by Steve GoadBlossum Sunset by Steve GoadFragility of Life by Steve Goad

Sav Scatola

Sav Scatola (Boxy) is a long standing beta tester who has created a lot of art for us over the years, along with many of the custom brushes in ArtRage 5. He likes experimenting with digital effects, surreal landscapes, and fancy brushes as well as all the traditional media tools.

Check out his featured artist page and his blog here. He also sells additional custom brush packs at www.boxy.co.uk/.

HilltopView Clumpy Wool Custom Brush Sav Scatola'They Are Coming' by Sav Scatola'Facing North Version 2' by Sav Scatola'iCONography'by Sav ScatolaArtRage Holiday Sale

Edward Ofosu

Like studies of old masters? Edward Ofosu is an iPad artist who teaches art and works with oils. Check out his featured artist page and his website: www.edwardofosu.com/

Rembrandt van Rijn, "Self-Portrait," by Edward OfosuStudy of 'Salisbury Cathedral' by John Constable by Edward OfosuPortrait of David Hockney by Edward OfosuStudy of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' by Edward OfosuArtRage for iPad 2.0. Painting by Edward OfosuPhoenix by Edward Ofosu

Bo Paweena

Bo Paweena is a graphic artist and designer who has created many promotional images for us over the years, mostly for the Android and iOS apps. Her site is at www.behance.net/bopaweena.

ArtRage for android watercolour test painting bo paweenaArtRage for android test painting bo paweenaArtRage for android watercolour test painting bo paweenaArtRage for android oil test painting bo paweenaDown the Blocks to the Sea ArtRage for android test painting bo paweenaArtRage iPad

Phil Galloway

Phil Galloway is a traditional-style artist who works mainly with oils and pencils painting realistic portraits. He created some of our official art and can be found at www.philgallowaydraws.co.uk. He also has a featured artist page here.

ChampionsDraw BT Sport Man City vs Barcelona ArtRage artist Phil GallowayBacon ArtRage artist Phil Galloway small'Van Basten' for Mundial Magazine, L'Art Du Foot Exhibition ArtRage artist Phil Galloway smallBert ArtRage artist Phil Galloway smallLincoln ArtRage artist Phil Galloway small

Ramona MacDonald

Ramona MacDonald works with pastels, drawing realistic landscapes, portraits and still lifes. created some of our official art and a tutorial for us. You can see her featured artist page and her site: ramonamacdonald.myportfolio.com

Evangeline artrage art by Ramona MacDonaldMarile artrage art by Ramona MacDonaldPastel cat close up by Ramona MacDonald in ArtRage 5Contrast Against Cloudbank artrage art by Ramona MacDonaldMan and Device artrage art by Ramona MacDonaldTracy artrage art by Ramona MacDonald

Barbara Lietzow

Barbara Lietzow created several tutorials and images for us using ArtRage Lite, as well as the startup up image from version 5.0.4 onwards. You can see her videos and art on the ArtRage Lite tutorials.

ArtRage Lite oil and palette knife cityscape painting tutorialArtRage Lite ink pen watercolour cartoon owl drawing tutorialArtRage Lite pastels still life tutorialArtRage Lite watercolour landscape painting video tutorial imageArtRage Lite pastels still life tutorial

Hannah (ArtRage Staff)

Many of the pencil art, tutorial artwork, or extremely random illustrations thrown up to make a page more colorful are created by Hannah. Most of these can also be found at pixels.com/profiles/hannah-starrettwright.html.

Kestrel color pencil ArtRage 5Horse pencil artrage 5 squareremove color matte filter hand sketch 5ArtRage for Android Wave bannermanga felt pen marker copic artrage lite squareish